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How to Be a Perfect Carrot (2018)


This Project gears towards children and parents to bring attention to the produce left behind because of the unsustainable cosmetic standards in our food industry.

In Canada, 40% of the food is never eaten, costing about $27 billion per year. Arguably, a large part of the waste could be avoided if consumers were willing to eat some ugly produce. We have a high expectation for food to be blemish-free.


To focus on this problem, I wrote a kid’s book with all kinds of imperfect, lumpy, misshapen produce.


On a journey of self-discovery, our little carrot meets other oddly shaped veggies and fruits and learns the importance of accepting our differences… even the bumpiest berries are sweet!



Graduation Project

ECUAD 2018


Since I am considering to publish it in the future, unfortunately, I can't provide the full view of the whole book now.


If you are interested in receiving a hard copy or a PDF in the future, feel free to sign up here ↓ no spam, I promise.

Thanks! Message sent.

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